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Birdman Threatening Druski on IG Live Talking About Coulda Been Records Goes Viral

The internet was buzzing yesterday when rapper and record executive Birdman made a surprise appearance on comedian Druski’s Instagram Live. Birdman, who is the co-founder of Cash Money Records, had some words for Druski, who has been allegedly poking fun at him and his label on social media.

Why Is Birdman Beefing with Druski on Instagram Live?

When he first popped up on the IG Live and just sat there staring into the camera with a serious expression. After it seemed like Birdman threatened to put a hit on Druski saying, “I’ve been looking for you n. I heard you was in my neck of the woods, I ain’t think it would have been gangster if I pulled up on your right? So I said, you know I got a few b****** that’s steppers right? I ain’t even got to call no n, I got b******, but you won’t even come outside or come inside. You starting to step on my toes. You young n**** got the game f up. Put some respect on my name…“.

Druski, who is known for his hilarious skits and impersonations, seemed shocked and nervous by Birdman’s confrontation. He tried to laugh it off and explain that he had nothing but love for Birdman and Cash Money Records. He also claimed that he was in Birdman’s area, because he was working with artists like NBA Youngboy, which only angered him more.

According to viral rumors Birdman feels that Druski is disrespecting him and his label by creating a parody record label called “Coulda Been Records”. The name of Druski’s label sounds similar to Cash Money Records, and the logo is also a rip-off of the one Birdman uses for his label. It’s believed that Birdman thinks Druski is trying to mock him and his legacy.

The incident sparked a lot of reactions from fans and celebrities online. Some people found it funny and entertaining, while others thought it was scary and dangerous. Some people also questioned if it was staged or real, as Druski is known for pranking people with fake celebrities on his IG Live.

In the video Birdman doesn’t have the red star tattoo on is head, which made many think it might be fake. However, Birdman reportedly had some of his tattoos removed, one of them being the giant red star that used to be on his head.

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