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Rick Ross Disrespects DJ Envy and His Sons: ‘Come Mop My Floors and Clean My Pool’

The feud between Rick Ross and DJ Envy has escalated to a new level of disrespect. In a series of videos posted on Instagram, Rick Ross taunted DJ Envy and his sons, telling them to come work for him as his servants.

In one video, Rick Ross showed off his lavish mansion, and told DJ Envy to mop his marble floors. In another video, Rick Ross told DJ Envy that his sons can come clean his pool, before he holds a party in it on July 2nd. He also said he would save the small side of the pool for DJ Envy’s wife and her friends.

Why Did Rick Ross Disrespect DJ Envy and His Sons?

The videos are the latest incident in their ongoing beef over their car shows, which Rick Ross claims are incomparable to his own. DJ Envy has fired back at Rick Ross, calling him a liar and a renter who Airbnb’s his home. He also accused him of exploiting Young Dolph’s legacy for his car show in Memphis.

The two have been trading shots on social media and on their respective platforms for months. It is unclear how this beef will end, but it seems that neither side is willing to back down or apologize.

This is not the first time that Ross and Envy have exchanged words over their cars. Last year, they had a playful back-and-forth on social media, where Ross claimed that he had a watch that cost more than Envy’s five most expensive cars.

Ross’ car show is scheduled to take place at his 235-acre estate in Fayetteville, Georgia, on June 3, 2023. He said he is expecting around 7,000 people to attend.

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