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Man’s Surviving P Diddy Documentary Fuels Nas Conspiracy Theories after Cassie’s Leaked Lawsuit Documents

The internet is currently in a state of shock over the allegations made by singer and model Cassandra Ventura, better known as Cassie, against her former boyfriend and music mogul Sean Combs, aka P Diddy. Cassie filed a lawsuit against P Diddy with allegations of intimate assault, battery, false imprisonment, and infliction of emotional distress, among other charges. The lawsuit also alleges that P Diddy introduced Cassie to drugs, and controlled her career and personal life for over a decade.

A Gay Man’s Surviving P Diddy Documentary is Trending Again After Cassie’s Lawsuit and Fueling a Conspiracy Theory that Nas is a Victim of P Diddy

As in many cases involving allegations of person physically and mentally abusing a celebrity, the past of the accused celebrity is always brought into question, as people make connections to past incidents that may have been signs of the sinister things said individual was allegedly doing behind the scenes.

In this instance many people on social media are remember a man who released a documentary called “Surviving P Diddy: The Gayest Rapper Ever”, where he made similar allegations to some of the things Cassie said.

As you’ll see below, the “Surviving Diddy” documentary was created by a gay man attempting to expose that P Diddy is gay, and uses forms for mental and physical manipulation to groom his targets. In the video he details many incidents such as P Diddy trying to take 50 Cent shopping, as proof behind the allegations of his orientation when it comes to men.

When the documentary was released in 2021, the part about 50 Cent complaining about P Diddy offering to take him shopping is one of the things that stood out most to people. The reason being was because of the internet conspiracy theory that P Diddy and Nas were a gay couple.

Of the many incidents we detailed in the article talking about that viral theory, one of them was the video below of P Diddy taking Nas shopping at a Gucci store, which you will see below. There was also an incident where P Diddy grabbed Nas’ butt.

Here is the footage of P Diddy taking Nas on an alleged shopping trip to a Gucci store.

Some people also alleged they secretly went as a couple to the Grammy Awards. They even possibly left together after the show, as he posted another video of them riding in his car alone through the night.

Here is footage of incident from few years ago, where people accused P Diddy of grabbing Nas’ butt while hugging him.