Are P Diddy and Nas gay? A gay moment from a video of P Diddy’s 51st birthday is sparking Conspiracy theories that P Diddy and Nas are a gay couple. In the birthday video a man grabs P Diddy’s butt as he picks him up for no apparent reason, fueling past rumors of P Diddy coming out the closet.

Nas was one of the main guests are P Diddy’s 51st birthday party, but recent history shows the two have been going on “dates” very often. First take a look at the alleged gay moment from P Diddy’s 51st birthday party where a man picks him up, while palming his butt. It happens near the end of the footage.

Now take a look at the surprising amount of times Nas and P Diddy have been “out” together.

Does the fact that people think P Diddy is gay mean Nas is gay too? Why did that man pick up P Diddy by his butt?

One thing is for sure, Nas hasn’t been seen out with a woman the amount of times he’s been seen out with P Diddy, and vice versa. There is also the possibility they are just good friends, and people are looking too closely at things.

Since it will probably never be proven it remains a conspiracy theory that P Diddy and Nas are gay and in a relationship.

Author: JordanThrilla

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