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Rapper SackLife PG Exposed As Gay for Pay After $ex Tape Video Of His Hole Wide Open and Sacklife PG Twerking Naked Leaks

SackLife PG’s hole wide open may have just ended his career. Atlanta rapper SackLife PG was exposed as Gay for pay after a $ex Tape video of his hole wide open and Sacklife PG twerking naked leaked. People who have seen the footage of the SackLife PG $extape say he spreads his hole wide open for the camera while laying on his back with his head between his legs.

After denying it was him in the video, he finally admitted it was him and claimed the video was old. He then said God made him get exposed so he could remove all his haters.

Basically it sounds like 1sacklifepg was gay for pay, but isn’t gay anymore. He claims he made a mistake by making those videos, but is accepting it now that he was exposed. He even agreed with the sentiment the he is “going out bad”. Take a look at SackLife PG admitting spreading his hole wide open to in the gay $ex tape video.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the videos if you hear no sound.

The SackLife PG $ex tape video leaking of his hole wide open didn’t surprise him, because it appears he knew people were blackmailing him with the footage in advance. Whatever they wanted him to pay to keep this a secret he should have, because now his career is over and he knows it.

Just like Silento now SackLife PG’s hole will haunt the memories of all his former fans. Who would have ever expected that footage to SackLife PG twerking naked would go viral in 2021.

Author: JordanThrilla