Rick Ross is in the midst of a beef with Gillie Da Kid over some disrespectful comments he made on his podcast. Now Rick Ross is firing back with a short but sweet response, which conveys he isn’t about to make this beef stretch any further. The gist of his response seems to be an ‘I’m richer than you’ type of flex.

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Rick Ross Responds to Gillie Da Kid by Showing Off his Grass Grizzly Bear and Cow Hoof Flooring

On his podcast Gillie Da Kid called out Rick Ross saying that he was correctional officer that helped lock up black men. This is based off the infamous photo the leaked proving that Rick Ross was a police officer before he got into the rap game. It seems people still overlook the possibility that he was dirty cop like Denzel Washington in Training Day, but who knows.

In response to Gillie Da Kid comments Rick Ross posted video showing off the expensive cow hoof flooring in his house. Most notably Rick Ross’ grass Grizzly Bear was the true ultimate flex. During the footage he said that spends more money on his flooring than Gillie Da Kid spends on his wife and kids each month. He never said his name, but everyone knows Rick Ross was responding to Gillie Da Kid in the footage. Take a listen.

Gillie Da Kid has never been the type to let someone get the last word during a beef, so he will surely respond via social media or through his podcast. One thins that’s for sure is Rick Ross’ grass bear is definitely incredible. Is it just a giant chia pet?

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