Coming out the closet would be career suicide for most rappers that are downlow gay, but every once in awhile there is a hip-hop artist who is brave enough to risk his career to reveal his true self to fans. Most recently the well known Chicago rapper Lil Wop came out the closet, and in a recent video he explained why he did.

Is Chicago Rapper Lil Wop Gay? Lil Wop Explains Why He likes Transgender Women and Feminine Men in Viral Video

Lil Wop identifies as a bisexual man, but many people believe that bisexual people should be considered gay. That’s the core of the debate around whether or not Lil Wop is gay. During a recent interview Lil Wop explained that he likes transgender women and feminine men, because he is very masculine.

He believes that because he comes from kings and royalty that power to him is masculine dominating feminine, regardless of whether it’s a man or woman. His way of think is inline with how things used to be during the times of the Roman Empire, when having a gay relationships was considered a sign of power.

How Would Lil Boosie React to Lil Wop’s Gay or Bisexual Admission?

While Lil Boosie hasn’t publicly reacted to Lil Wop coming out the closet, it’s safe to say that he wouldn’t have a positive reaction based on his track record. Lil Boosie would probably say that Lil Wop was brainwashed by the gay agenda.

Do you think Lil Wop’s career will falter now that people know what he truly desires behind closed doors? This will be the true test as to whether is his fanbase is truly loyal to him only because of his music. Will they still feel comfortable bumping his songs knowing his $exual identity? Whether or not you consider him gay Lil Wop is part of the LGBTQ community for sure.

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