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Is Drake’s ‘Sandra Gale’ Face Tattoo a Glitch in the Hip-Hop Matrix?

Recently Drake shocked the entire world with the location choice of his newest tattoo. In a plot twist that a psychic couldn’t predict he became the latest artist to have permanent ink etched on his face. It sounds unbelievable even after seeing the artwork, because most people felt like Drake would be the last rapper to get a face tattoo.

Is Drake’s Face Tattoo a Glitch in the Hip-Hop Matrix?

Drake’s face tattoo isn’t a teardrop or a butterfly, rather it’s the initials “SG” under his left eye, which stands for Sandra Gale. That tattoo is dedicated to his mom Sandi Graham. In that regard it could be one of the most wholesome face tattoo’s in hip-hop history. Still yet most fans are completely stunned that Drake tatted his face even if it does have deep sentimental value.

Could this be a prime example of a glitch in the hip-hop matrix? It almost feels like seeing an alternate universe in a Dr. Strange Marvel movie. Drake with a face tattoo? Maybe the Lil Wayne influence runs that deep, but it just seems like something that wasn’t supposed to happen that still did.

Perhaps one the most peculiar aspects of Drake getting a face tattoo is the discussion he had on social media with his father just a few days ago. Drake clowned his Father’s tattoo of his face, then got a face tattoo the next day. Maybe he was actually sending his fans hints of his future plans.

It seems 2022 is the year of the unexpected for Drake. He dropped a surprise dance album that is slowly becoming a classic in its own right, and now he got a surprise face tattoo dedicated to his mom. What surprises does he have in store next?