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Hip-Hop Celebrities React to DJ Kay Slay Dead from COVID-19 Battle

While many people think COVID-19 is thing of the past as most restrictions have disappeared, and news coverage on it has slowed down, the virus is still wreaking havoc on people. The latest celebrity victim was hip-hop legend DJ Kay Slay. Recent reports have confirmed that DJ Kay Slay is dead from COVID-19 complications.

Details on How DJ Kay Slay Died from COVID-19 Battle

The tragedy for DJ Kay Slay’s family started way back in January when it was first announced he caught COVID-19. At the time his brother’s made public statements that seemed to insinuate he wasn’t doing well, and was in the hospital receiving treatment. It was not known if he had any preexisting health conditions that attributed to his death, but at 55 years old he was in age group very susceptible to the virus.

DJ Kay Slay’s Legacy in Hip Hop

DJ Kay Slay’s journey in hip-hop started way back in 1983 when he was main component of the documentary ‘Style Wars’, which highlighted the growing rap scene in the New York area. His first mixtape was released in 1994, and we would go on to make 499 more during his career. In 2003 he would release the first of the legendary album series ‘The Streetsweepers’, which contained many of the most successful hip-hop artists of the early 2000s such as 50 Cent and Eminem. He also hosted the ‘The Drama Hour’ on Hot 97, which till this day was probably one of the best radio shows ever.

Hip-Hop Celebrities React to DJ Kay Slay Dead from COVID-19 Battle

Here is a cool video that shows celebrity reactions to DJ Kay Slay dead. It shows how loved he was in the hip-hop community.

Why Did DJ Kay Slay Called Himself ‘The Drama King’?

Hip-hop fans will always remember how DJ Kay Slay donned himself with “The Drama King” nickname. The name fit him well, because his mixtapes started a plethora of beefs, and in the same breath also ended them. For example do you remember Nas’ ‘Ether’ track that ended his beef with Jay Z? It was DJ Kay Slay that premiered the song in 2001.

RIP DJ Kay Slay, gone but never forgotten.