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Cam Thomas’ ‘No Homo’ Comment Sparks $40,000 Fine Controversy and Dipset Nostalgia

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has issued a statement saying that Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas has been fined $40,000 for using “derogatory and disparaging language” during a post-game interview following the Nets’ win against the Bulls on February 9, 2023.

During the post-game interview, Cam Thomas had said “we already had Good-looking dudes, no homo” when talking about Spencer Dinwiddie’s joke that him returning to Brooklyn Nets was needed because of his good looks. This statement was heavily criticized by the NBA, and caused an uproar among the media and fans.

The NBA has had a strict stance against “no homo” comments for quite some time now, having previously fined Nikola Jokic who infamously said “No Homo, but he’s really long” when talking about a defender some years ago. Consequently, the fact that the NBA fined Cam Thomas $40,000 for his “no homo” comment was not altogether surprising.

Cam Thomas could have said “pause” instead of “No Homo”, and may have avoided a fine. The evidence is some time ago Kevin Durant said “pause” after a comment that could be interpreted as gay, and was never fined for it.

How Did the Phrase “No Homo” Become Popular?

The rap group Dipset, consisting of Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freekey Zekey, is credited with popularizing the phrase “No Homo” in the early 2000s. The phrase was used to deflect any speculation that male rappers were engaging in homosexual behavior, often in the context of compliments or playful banter. While some in the LGBTQ+ community have criticized the phrase for its negative connotations, Dipset and its members have used it as a tool for bonding and self-expression.

NBA’s Code of Conduct requires that all players adhere to the highest standards on and off the court. The NBA has also stated that it would not tolerate any “derogatory language or behavior”, regardless of the context in which it was used.

Ultimately, the NBA’s decision to fine Cam Thomas for his “no homo” comment was a clear indication of their commitment to promoting inclusivity and acceptance. Many feel they may be being a bit too sensitive considering that Cam Thomas clearly didn’t mean it in an offensive manner.

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