When Jae Crowder did the Salsa dance to troll Lebron and got ejected from Game 6, there was another troll job going on in the background that many people missed.

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The savvy veteran Chris Paul used the opportunity to sneak diss Andre Drummond while the referees were occupied with kicking Jae Crowder out the game. On closer look of the video you can see Chris Paul mimicking Andre Drummond mimicking Lebron James’ post up moves.

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First off take a look at the footage from game 3 where Andre Drummond was copying Lebron’s post moves on Jae Crowder. It was all good for Lakers at that point, but this would end up being their demise.

Now here is Jae Crowder mimicking Lebron James salsa dance commercial in the closing seconds of Game 6. Pay close attention to Chris Paul trolling Andre Drummond in the background.

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Now here is Chris Paul mimicking Andre Drummond mimicking Lebron James’ post up moves side by side with when it actually happened.

It might look like Suns are being petty, but the fact remains that Lakers started the clowning and trash talking first.

The big question is will Chris Paul and Lebron James still be friends after this? All series long they looked like enemies on and off the court, and people even accused CP3 of trying injure Lebron’s shoulder.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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