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Liz Cambage Reacts to Suns Head Coach Curt Miller Body Shaming Her Weight During Aces vs Suns

When Suns head coach Curt Miller body shamed Liz Cambage it was immediately evident the fallout would be massive. During an Aces vs Suns game Curt Miller called Liz Cambage fat while complaining to a referee about a call.

During the incident in question Curt Miller said Liz Cambage was 300 pounds, which should make the call go in his teams favor. Not only was his comment offensive, it was also an incorrect statement. In a viral video reacting to Curt Miller’s fat comment Liz Cambage who is 6’8″ clarified her weight is 235 pounds. She also accused Curt Miller of disrespecting women from the sidelines, and warned him he was lucky the comment happened during game. Liz Cambage’s death stare at the end of the video sent a powerful ending message without her having to talk.

That incident will probably be the last of Curt Miller body shaming women, because the WNBA hit his pockets hard. Reports say Curt Miller was suspended one game and fined $10K for incident after he apologized for his remarks.

Big ups to Liz Cambage for responding in such a positive way, and uplifting way.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff