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Tekashi 6IX9INE Racist Comment about Brandon Marshall’s Dreadlocks Hair Goes Viral

Tekashi69 has been in the news lately after his video with fake Lil Durk named Perkio went viral. In the footage that was recorded by well known YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, Tekashi pretended to squash beef with Lil Durk, but things went way too far when he put a jacket donning King Von’s picture on Perkio. That situation led to SteveWillDoIt allegedly getting death threats, and Perkio being scared for his safety as well.

Recently former NFL player Brandon Marshall interviewed SteveWillDoIt on the ‘I am Athlete’ podcast to press him about the creation process of the fake Lil Durk video. In that footage SteveWillDoIt claimed he has tricked into the situation, and is no longer friends with Tekashi 6IX9INE, because he allegedly put his life in danger. As you’ll see in the video below Tekashi69 put a King Von jacket on Perkio, which was meant as form of disrespect since he isn’t the real Lil Durk. This made people believe the video was more about disrespecting King Von’s death like Tekashi has done in the past, rather than just trolling Lil Durk.

Here was the interview where Brandon Marshall pressed SteveWillDoit for helping Tekashi69 disrespect King Von.

Tekashi69’s Racist Comments about Brandon Marshall’s Dreadlocks Hair Goes Viral

Recently Tekashi 6IX9INE responded to Brandon Marshall’s interview with SteveWillDoIt, and as per usual he took things to place he shouldn’t have. First he accused Marshall of belittling SteveWillDoIt, which is arguably a valid claim because the interview was a bit biased. However, Tekashi 6IX9INE made racist comments about Brandon Marshall’s hair that are completely uncalled for. As you’ll see in the messages below Tekashi69 called Brandon Marshall’s dreadlocks “nasty”, and claims it’s reason why he hasn’t got a job on television. Keep in mind Tekashi is not a black man, but is openly talking down on a black man’s hair.

Tekashi69 loves to get attention any way he can, but his recent actions are agitating his fanbase rather than entertaining.

In this situation even people who have grown to like Tekashi’s trolling think that he’s starting to go overboard by disrespecting dead people, and now making racist comments.

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