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Mared Foulkes Dead: Here is Why Mared Foulkes Committed Suicide After Reading an Email From Cardiff University

In life there is success and there is failure for every person. What’s unique to each individual is how they cope with the failures or perceived failures in their life. Some people brush it off, and keep moving forward, but for some people failure is like the end of the world. In the sad case of the 21 Year Old Cardiff University student Mared Foulkes, her passion to succeed ultimately led to her demise, but it was all based on simple mistake.

Details of Why Mared Foulkes Committed Suicide After Reading an Email from Cardiff University Pharmacy Program

Mared Foulkes was in her second year of studying pharmacy at Cardiff University, when the unthinkable happened. According to Professor Mark Gumbleton who is the Dean of the School of Pharmacy, on March 24th Mared Foulkes failed a practical exam she needed to pass to progress to her third year in the program. At the time it wasn’t big deal, because they allow you to re-take the same exam over again. However, some inconsistencies in the school’s reporting system started a string of events that would lead to Mared Foulkes death.

Mared Foulkes passed the re-take of the pharmacy exam on April 24, but on July 8, 2020 she got an email with results from Cardiff University that omitted her passing grade, which made her think she failed the exam again. Mared Foulkes committed suicide shortly after. According to reports Mared Foulkes’ dead body was found in North Wales.

Mared Foulkes Suicide Death is Making Cardiff University Change Policies

With the news of what caused Mared Foulkes’ suicide death looming over the students, Cardiff University has pledged to make changes to the way pharmacy exam results are reported in Emails. It’s a change that could have saved Mared Foulkes’ life, but now hopefully can prevent a situation like this from happening again.

In America around 50,000 people per year die from suicide, and worldwide that number rises to 800,000 individuals per year. Mared Foulkes is sadly now part of the worldwide suicide statistic.

If you know anyone who is suicidal please try to reach out and help, sometimes that alone can save their life.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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