Screenshot from video of CTA Employee Shooting Man Several Times after Fight

Everyone knows Chicago is a crazy place where the craziest things can happen in the most unexpected places, and that holds true even at train stations. A shooting at the CTA Red Line station on 95th street in Chicago was captured on video, and it’s simply horrifying to watch.

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Video Shows CTA Employee Shooting Man Several Times after Fight

According to police reports the fight in the video below took place between two men who were around 53 years old. It seems the CTA employee was getting beat up, and after he hit the ground he turned to drastic measures to make sure he came out on top of the situation.

As you’ll see in the footage below the CTA employee pulled out a handgun as the other man was walking away thinking he won the fight. The CTA employee fired several shots, which hit the man in his legs, back, and stomach area. It’s reported that he is in critical condition. The incident took place around 2 am, so it was very late at night.

Chicago Transit Authority Reacts to Video of CTA Employee Shooting a Man

According to public statements from the Chicago Transit Authority, the CTA employee who shot the man was working as a customer assistant. They are currently in the process of firing the employee, because he violated workplace rules of having a firearm on the premises.

At the moment it’s not clear what started the fight, but bystanders claim the two men were arguing before the shooting happened. It hasn’t been confirmed if the CTA employee was arrested after the shooting.

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