Tesla Charging Line California

The thought of owning an electric vehicle has become a dream for many people since gas prices have skyrocketed under Joe Biden’s economy. In fact Joe Biden went viral some time ago for suggesting that high gas prices would make more people buy electric vehicles, which would theoretically help the environment. What is often not discussed is the extra hassle that comes along with having to charge up a vehicle that doesn’t use gas. A recent video of a lenghty Tesla charging line really put things in perspective.

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Video Showing Long Tesla Charging Line in California Sparks Fear Among Potential Electric Vehicle Buyers

A video circulating social media shows what an average day is like for Tesla drivers in California who run out of power, and need to ‘fuel’ up. Rather than just going to a gas station and filling up at a pump, they have to find special charging stations built specifically for Tesla vehicles. Since they are much more scarce than gas stations this can lead to overcrowding issues.

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The shocking footage shows how long the Tesla charging lines in California can be. In the video there are at least 17 Tesla cars waiting in line for a chance to get access to a charging station. That didn’t include the people who were parked, because the line was so long. To make things worse on average a Tesla can take 8 to 40 hours to fully charge depending on the model and type of charging stations it’s connected to. The good thing is a full charge can last up 405 miles depending on the model you have, so you don’t really need to fully charge to day to day activities.

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Is the extra effort it takes to charge a Tesla worth the amount of gas you can save overtime? It seems like the happy medium for cars are hybrid vehicles that run on both gas electric. Those can save you a lot of money, and also charge themselves as you drive since it uses fuel as well.

Make no mistake Tesla makes amazing cars to drive with top of the line quality, and state of the art features. They are definitely the future until science can safely make nuclear powered cars, which wouldn’t have to charge for years.

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