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Watch: Video of Grand Central Escalator Fight and Details on What Started It

People Watching Grand Central Escalator Fight

Just a few days after social media witnessed a shooting happen at a Subway station in Chicago, another incident has occurred in Manhattan New York. This time a massive brawl broke out at the Grand Central Station, and it shows several people might have gotten seriously injured.

What Started the Grand Central Escalator Fight?

Based on the Grand Central’s Escalator fight video it appeared to be between two homeless men. However, since there were so many people riding the escalator at the same time it started chaos as people started to run for their lives. Things got very dangerous when someone fell all the way down those metal escalator steps.

At the moment there is no confirmation on what started the Grand Central Escalator fight, but considering how the two individuals were going at each other it must have been very personal. As you’ll see in the footage below people were going to drastic measures to try escaping scene including hopping the escalator barricades. The incident happened on the Grand Central Escalator that leads to the 7 Train.

It’s tough to see during the video, but in the photo below you can see one of the homeless men involved in the Grand Central Escalator fight. The other homeless man is wearing a bookbag, but was getting pummeled so badly you can’t even see his face in the footage.

Photo of Homeless man involved in Grand Central Escalator Fight.
Homeless Man Involved in Grand Central Escalator Fight

According to reports police have only captured the homeless man who is not clearly seen in the footage, while the one in the photo above escaped the scene before he could be arrested. The man who fell down the escalator suffered a serious injury to his head, but it’s not clear if that was from the fight or the fall.