Yesterday it was reported that Miles Bridges was arrested for felony domestic violence in Los Angeles California after getting into an altercation with a woman. It has since been confirmed that Miles Bridges beat up his wife Mychelle Johnson. Today she posted pictures and the medical report of the damage she suffered at the hands of her husband.

Medical Records Show Miles Bridges Broke His Wife Mychelle Johnson’s Nose, Strangled Her, and Caused Brain Injury

When the story of Miles Bridges arrest was first reported it was confirmed that his wife needed medical attention, but the extent of damage she suffered was unknown until today. According to medical records not only did Miles Bridges break his wife’s nose, he also strangled her, bruised her ribs, and injured her brain. Michelle Johnson posted photos of black eyes, swollen face, and vital red fluid from the assault.

The medical report states that Mychelle Johnson suffered a closed fracture to her nasal bone, brain concussion, strained neck muscle, rib contusion, and various bruises to her body. It seems like Miles Bridges was really trying to do some serious damage during the alleged heinous attack. The photos you’ll see below clearly show Michelle Johnson’s broken nose crooked from the attack.

Medical Report from Mychelle Johnson’s Assault Examination
Mychelle Johnson’s Broken Nose and Black Eyes
Mychelle Johnson’s Ear Leaking Vital Red Fluid

Was Mychelle Johnson Cheating on Miles Bridges?

As this tragic case of domestic violence unfolds many people are wondering what would make Miles Bridges jeopardize his NBA career in such horrific fashion. There was a viral unconfirmed rumor floating around that Miles Bridges caught Michelle Johnson cheating, and then went into an uncontrollable rage and attacked her.

Even if that’s the case it still doesn’t justify his actions. Physically harming someone is never the right thing to do, and will only make any problems you are having even worse.

How Much Prison Time is Miles Bridges Facing if Convicted?

As we mentioned in our first article about this incident California law books say that a felony domestic violence charge can land you in state prison for up to 5 years. After the looking at the photos of Mychelle Johnson’s broken nose injuries it’s safe to say there’s a high chance he might actually do some jail time. That max contract he was looking for doesn’t look likely to happen now.

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