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Why Freaknik Aunties are in Shambles Over Hulu’s New Documentary Coming Out

If you were a college student in Atlanta in the early 1990s, chances are you have some memories of Freaknik, the annual spring break festival that attracted thousands of young Black people from across the country. Freaknik was a celebration of Black culture, music, and freedom, but it was also a source of controversy and scandal. Some of the attendees who participated in the wild and crazy block parties are now grown women with families and careers, and they are not too thrilled about the upcoming Hulu documentary that promises to reveal the truth about Freaknik.

Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told is a new documentary that will recount the rise and fall of Freaknik, from its humble beginnings as a picnic in a public park in 1983 to its peak in 1994, when over 100,000 people flooded the streets of Atlanta for a weekend of fun and chaos. The documentary will feature interviews with some of the key players and performers who made Freaknik what it was, such as Jermaine Dupri, Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, Outkast, and more. It will also explore the social and political impact of Freaknik on Atlanta and the nation, as well as the backlash and resistance that led to its demise by 1999.

How Freaknik Aunties are Reacting to Hulu’s New Doc

But not everyone is eager to relive those days or to have their secrets exposed to the world. Some of the women who were at Freaknik in 1994 have taken to social media to express their anxiety and fear about what might be shown in the documentary, and how it might affect their reputation and relationships. Some of them have even posted videos of themselves praying that Hulu will respect their privacy and not include any footage or photos of them that they might regret.

One woman posted on Twitter: “Lord please don’t let them find any tapes of me at Freaknik ’94. I was young and foolish and I don’t want my kids or my husband to see me like that. Please let Hulu have some mercy on me.”

Another woman wrote on Facebook: “I just heard about this Freaknik documentary on Hulu and I’m scared as hell. I was at Freaknik ’94 and I did some things that I’m not proud of. I hope they don’t show my face or my name or anything that can identify me. I have a good job and a good family now and I don’t want them to know about my past”.

Some women have even allegedly contacted Hulu directly to ask them to remove any footage or photos of them from the documentary, or to blur their faces or names. Others took to TikTok to share their concerns.

Hulu has not responded publicly to these requests or concerns, but it is unlikely that they will comply with them. The documentary is expected to be released in 2024, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Freaknik ’94, which was widely considered to be the biggest and most notorious year of the festival. The documentary aims to tell the untold story of Freaknik, with all its glory and controversy, and to show how it shaped Atlanta’s culture and history.

Freaknik aunties may be scared out about what Hulu’s documentary might reveal about their past, but they may also find some comfort in knowing that they were part of a unique and legendary phenomenon that will never be forgotten.

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