Was Dwight Howard Cheating on Tea Cooper With a Transgender or Cisgender Woman? Te’a Cooper Breaks Up With Dwight Howard After Only 6 Months Married

Was Dwight Howard cheating on Tea Cooper with a transgender woman? Rumors are saying Te’a Cooper broke up with Dwight Howard after only 5 months marriage. It was back in August that the 34 year old Dwight Howard allegedly got engaged to WNBA rookie Te’a Cooper who was 23. They married in a secret ceremony in November of that same year.

Te’a Cooper and Dwight Howard no longer follow each other on Instagram. Also back in March Te’a Cooper went on IG live to talk about breaking up with Dwight Howard, but didn’t seem official back then. Recent rumors say Tea Cooper divorcing Dwight Howard is official now.

Is it a coincidence this happened after the scandal about Ben Simmons allegedly setting up Sixers orgies with a transgender woman?


At the end of February a transgender woman named Amani posted an alleged text conversation where Ben Simmons was setting up 5 Sixers teammates to smash at the same time, and also posted a video as proof they were talking. That was only few weeks before Tea Cooper posted the IG live video above about breaking up with Dwight Howard.

Was Dwight Howard Cheating on Tea Cooper With a Transgender Woman? Te’a Cooper Breaks Up With Dwight Howard After 5 Months Married

Dwight Howard’s alleged interest in transgender women was revealed when the video below was released from a trans woman named Masin Elije who claimed they were seeing each other romantically. Proof in the form of alleged text conversations and audio phone calls between them were released. Dwight Howard adamantly claimed he never met the transgender woman before despite the “evidence”. Those allegations were never confirmed.

Is it possible Tea Cooper caught Dwight Howard cheating with a transgender or cisgender woman?

Currently Dwight Howard has five different kids by five different women. If Dwight Howard and Tea Cooper had kids one day the total would have increased to 6 kids by 6 different women. You have to wonder if that was the real cause behind the Tea Cooper breaking up with Dwight Howard, especially considering she is only 24.

Hopefully this situation doesn’t affect either of their careers.

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