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Joe Biden Forgets Where He Is During Houston Vaccine Site Speech “What Am I Doing Here”

Joe Biden is back in the news for another troubling speech debacle. This time Joe Biden forgot where he was during a speech at Houston Vaccine Site. As he was trying to remember the names he was just talking about during the speech Joe Biden said, “What am I doing here” as he closed his eyes indicating he was having major issues gathering his thoughts. He not only forgot where he was, he couldn’t even remember or pronounce the names he was just talking about.

This incident comes only few days after Joe Biden appeared to say the N-word during a speech, and few weeks after he claimed each person in the United States would need 2 Million vaccine shots. The troubling trend all points to a possibility of Joe Biden suffering from dementia, and his presidency is literally just beginning.

Press the unmute button on bottom right of the video below if you hear no sound.

We all want Joe Biden to do well as president, but his recent woes during speeches don’t help much in gaining the confidence of the general public that he is all there mentally. Remember during the election he was grilled constantly about the health of his brain. Joe Biden said he didn’t have any issues, but then you hear him have alarming mental slips in three straight speeches. Hearing Joe Biden say “What am I doing here” in the middle of speech is just plain scary. This is the guy that has the power to launch nuclear weapons, which might be why the Democratic party is fighting to take the power away from him.

Author: JordanThrilla