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Nike VP Ann Hebert Quits Job After Her Son Joe Hebert Exposed as Reseller at West Coast Streetwear

According to Complex Nike VP Ann Hebert has quit her job. This breaking news comes shortly after her son Joe Hebert was exposed as a Nike Reseller for West Coast Streetwear. It’s widely known that Nike has strict company policies against its employees engaging in reselling.

This situation began to unravel when Bloomberg reported a credit card West Coast Streetwear was using was connected with Ann Hebert. It sparked outrage online from people who quickly connected the dots, and began to think something shady was going on. Unfortunately what used to be only a myth, became a reality right before their eyes. Nike itself was engaging it reselling its own products.

Nike VP Ann Hebert Quits Job After Her Son Joe Herbert Exposed as Reseller

The art of reselling is still one of the most hated aspects of the sneaker world. People buy hard to find shoes at less than or equal to retail price, then up that price by insane amounts to other people who were trying to buy them at retail price. It’s essentially what’s happening with the PS5 right now. Ann Hebert stepping down as Nike Vice President at least shows she had some integrity with this matter. She knew the connotations of what was exposed would tarnish the Nike brand if she didn’t separate her family from it completely.

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