Memphis Hustle NBA G League Player Calls Jeremy Lin "Coronavirus"

It’s possible than an anonymous Memphis Hustle NBA G League player called Jeremy Lin “Coronavirus” on the court, and it is now starting a discussion that usually isn’t widespread. In response the racist “Coronavirus” insult Jeremy Lin released an emotional statement about the racism Asians experience in America. For too long it seems that Asian-Americans kept their issues with racism hidden, but now Jeremy Lin wants to lead a charge of new era where their voices will be heard.

In his lengthy rant, Jeremy Lin took his fans through history of racism he has experienced in basketball going back to his Ivy League days. He explained how racists in America constantly mock Asian features such as their eyes and insinuate they are inherently unattractive. He even called out Hollywood for embracing these stereotypes in movies, and keeping Asian actors in limited roles.

Jeremy Lin responding to Memphis Hustle NBA G League Player Calling Jeremy Lin "Coronavirus"
Jeremy Lin responding to Memphis Hustle NBA G League Player Calling Jeremy Lin "Coronavirus"

Was it a Memphis Hustle Player Calling Jeremy Lin “Coronavirus”?

Jeremy Lin isn’t a snitch, so at the moment he is refusing to name the possible Memphis Hustle player that called him “Coronavirus”. However, based on the Santa Cruz Warriors schedule the last G league team they played before Jeremy Lin was called “coronavirus” was the Memphis Hustle on February 25. It is based on that fact that many people believe it was player from that roster that made the racist remark to him. The NBA is currently investigating the matter, so the truth will come to light eventually.

Author: JordanThrilla

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