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Was Lebron James IG Post with Bryce James Too Soon After Bronny’s Cardiac Arrest? Backlash Erupts as Social Media Reacts

LeBron James is facing criticism for his latest Instagram post, which shows him and his younger son Bryce James in the gym doing basketball workouts. The post comes just days after his older son Bronny James suffered a cardiac arrest scare during a practice session with USC’s basketball team.

Why Social Media is Accusing Lebron James of Moving on From Bronny Due To His Heart Issue After a Post About Bryce

In the photos, LeBron and Bryce are both wearing USC gear while they do shooting drills. LeBron captioned the post: “It’s my job to always remain strong, and to show them the blueprint regardless of the outcome”. The post has received over 1 million likes and thousands of comments, but not all of them are positive.

Some fans have accused LeBron of moving on from Bronny to focus completely on Bryce, since he has a healthy heart and Bronny might not be able to play competitive basketball ever again. They have also questioned LeBron’s choice of wearing USC clothing, since Bronny just went into cardiac arrest there. However, you could also argue he’s showing appreciation to the school that saved his son’s life.

Some of the negative comments on LeBron’s post are:

  • @clay328_ wrote, “I’m weak Bro said next man up
  • @will_goggin wrote “Bro just moved on to the next one “
  • @bassell.ahmed wrote, “posting more about bryce than bronny is crazy”
  • @jalisbouzouina wrote, “bro gave up on bronny “
  • @real_denton02 wrote, “So you putting all your eggs into Bryces basket now “

Take a look at the viral IG post. Do you thinks it’s too soon, or are people reaching with this one?

LeBron may have a personal connection to USC, since he is allegedly friends with the head coach Andy Enfield and the assistant coach Jason Hart. He has visited the campus several times and has attended some of their games. He may also be interested in sending Bryce to USC because of its academic reputation and its proximity to Los Angeles, where he plays for the Lakers.

Bronny James, who is 18 years old, collapsed on the court during practice at USC’s facilities earlier this week. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but has since been released according to reports. There is still no information about what caused his heart to stop beating, but his future in basketball is uncertain. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

It may be a bit far fetched to say Lebron James has moved on from Bronny to focus on Bryce, but the slightly odd timing of the post is giving conspiracy theorists the fuel they needed to run that narrative.

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