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Athletic Troll James Harden and Steve Nash Already Crying About Lack of Foul Calls Exposing Harden’s Troll Ball Style

Over the past few years you would hear many people ridiculously call the one dimensional James Harden the “best offensive player” of all time. This was despite the fact that he would get exposed in the playoffs every year when the refs stop calling fake fouls for him. With the new rule changes for the 2021-22 season, the referees are now essentially calling every game like it’s the playoffs, and Harden is already suffering badly.

James Harden and Steve Nash Complain about Lack of Foul Calls for James Harden’s Troll Ball Style

Nets are off to a 1-2 start, and have been destroyed in their two losses. In that time span James Harden who led the league in free throws for 7 consecutive seasons, has only averaged three free throws per game this season. As a result his offensive stats look very average, and super inefficient. Due to his lack offensive variety when actually having to score without fouls being it called, it has led to Kevin Durant having to play hero ball and carry the Nets to keep them competitive in games.

After their loss to the Hornets where Harden shot 6/16 and only took 1 free throw, he and Nets coach Steve Nash voiced their displeasure on referees not calling the fake fouls anymore.

James Harden reacted to the lack of foul calls saying it’s “no big deal”, but he was clearly agitated his troll ball style doesn’t work on the referees anymore.

Here was Steve Nash’s reaction to James Harden not getting foul calls anymore. He claims that Harden is being targeted unfairly, which is a ludicrous statement. The reality is Harden is the only player in the NBA who relied on trolling referees to get points, instead of actually trying to score.

The truth about James Harden is that he’s a inconsistent shooter who has no midrange game, no postgame, and one offensive move, which is the infamous dribble dribble dribble step back jumper. Without the foul calls, he becomes an average to below average scorer on many nights, which is why the Nets need their second best player Kyrie Irving very badly. He’s not coming back this season, since New York is trying to coerce people into injecting substances into their bodies against their will with overbearing vaccine mandates.

Nets have no chance of making the finals this season if James Harden is the second option behind Kevin Durant. KD could possibly get injured from having to carry James Harden by himself, like Chris Paul did all those years ago.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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