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Did Jordan Poole have a Gay Moment? Jordan Poole’s ‘Lap Dance’ Moment with Male Fan Goes Viral

If you frequent Twitter then you know there is a hilarious trend where people post videos of NBA players going off during games with a caption such as “Remember when Jordan Poole saw them baddies sitting courtside, and turned into 2016 Steph”. After what happened during Warriors’ blowout win against the Kings people are changing the word “baddies” to “daddies” when talking about Jordan Poole.

Did Jordan Poole have a Gay Moment on Live TV? Jordan Poole’s ‘Lap Dance’ Moment with Male Fan During Warriors vs Kings Goes Viral

In the third quarter Kings were playing intense defense on Jordan Poole, which led to him falling out of bounds. In the process of that happening Jordan Poole sat in male fan’s lap. What made the moment hilarious is that rather than getting up quickly, Poole just sat there comfortably for a few moments. The male fan even had his hands around his waist area as Jordan Poole looked back at him presumably to ask if he was okay. After he got up the man patted him on his butt a few times. As you’ll see it almost looked like Jordan Poole gave the man a lap dance on Live TV.

In the YouTube comments for the video above a lot of people are now saying Jordan Poole notices the ‘baddies’ and ‘daddies’ sitting courtside referencing the video below that started a viral Twitter trend.

It seems like Jordan Poole is getting more in tune with the San Francisco Bay Area culture as the years go by. This video could be more proof that he’s truly a lover not a fighter, and really cares about his fans. It would be interesting to see what Anthony Edwards would have done in a situation like that.

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