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KSI Curving OnlyFans Star Astrid Wett’s Kiss at Weigh-In for Boxing Fight with Keeley Colbran Goes Viral

It’s no secret that trying to kiss someone unexpectedly on stage most of the time never goes well. Throughout history we have seen countless celebrities left embarrassed after their on-stage kiss attempts failed. Now Tiktok and OnlyFans star Astrid Wett getting curved by KSI is added to the list.

TikTok OnlyFans Star Astrid Wett’s Kiss Getting Curved by KSI During Weigh-In for Boxing Match vs Keeley Goes Viral

Celebrity boxing matches are a trend that’s not going to stop anytime soon considering the amount of money they bring in. This Saturday Astrid Wett is making her boxing debut when she takes on Keeley Colbran at Utilita Arena. During the weigh-ins for the bout KSI was onstage, because he is one of the promoters, but he never expected to become the target of Astrid Wett’s affection. Since most men find Astrid very attractive she probably never expected that she would get turned down in front of the world.

This strange situation all started when Keeley started talking trash about Astrid Wett’s boyfriend. In response she made it clear that she’s actually single, and we all know actions speak louder than words, so she decided to use actions to prove her point. After saying “If I had a boyfriend would I do this” out of nowhere Astrid Wett tried to Kiss KSI, but he dodged the kiss like it was a threat to his life. The situation looked super embarrassing, because Astrid even lifted up one of her legs like characters do in fairy tale movies when kissing the love of their life.

Astrid Wett’s official weight was 127 pounds, but she might pack on some weight dealing the depression of being curved on stage in front the world. You could just feel the awkwardness in the room after that happened. Her opponent Keeley Colbran is the daughter of the famous TikToker Simple Simon.

KSI curving Astrid Wett’s kiss will definitely be brought up again if she loses the fight. It’s definitely a must win situation for her now.

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