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Ben Simmons Explains Why Sixers Will Beat Brooklyn Nets in Playoffs Series

If you go on social media you will see a lot of casual basketball fans saying Nets are unbeatable. You will see casual basketball fans call washed up players like Lamarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin “allstars”. You will hear them talk about signing James Harden. The problem is none of those signings fixed any of Nets most glaring flaws, and NBA teams are very confident they can beat the Nets in playoffs series.

Enter Ben Simmons. During an interview with Rachel Nichols, Ben Simmons explained why Sixers have a better chance than Brooklyn Nets at making the finals. When asked about all the “talent” Nets have Ben Simmons responded saying, “There is only one ball, and they have to play defense too”. Nets have some of the worst defense ever seen, and no interior defenders to stop a monster like Joel Embiid from dominating.

Recently Andre Drummond exposed how weak Nets interior defense is against a dominate inside presence. It got so bad he started calling Lamarcus Aldridge “too small” after bullying him over and over again.

Can you imagine the field day players like Joel Embiid or Giannis Antetokounpo will have during a playoffs series vs Nets? These guys will probably average 40+ points per game barring injury.

Nets most likely won’t be in the finals this season. They have a big three who are known playoff chokers, and one of the worst defensive teams ever assembled. Ironically all the acquisitions they got made their defense even worse overall. It doesn’t help that Mike D’Antoni is an assistance coach on the roster too.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff