Kevin Loves Attacks Draymond Green Before Cavaliers vs Warriors. Kevin Love shoulder bumps Draymond Green

Back in the day there was this Cavaliers rivalry with Warriors that everyone was accustomed to seeing. Every year the two teams would meet up in the finals for legendary battles. It was a back and forth rivalry with Warriors winning in 2015 and Cavs winning in 2016, until Kevin Durant did the unthinkable inserted himself into mix.

Many people thought that rivalry was dead, but no no it’s still alive and well. As example Kevin Love attacked Draymond Green before Cavaliers vs Warriors game. As he was walking by Kevin Love shoulder bumped Draymond Green out the way sending him stumbling to the side. It’s honestly surprising no one was injured.

Okay maybe it was just a joke, but the core of the joke was their old rivalry. Luckily Draymond Green understood it was just a playful attack, and retaliated with a hug. These two were enemies back in the day in the basketball sense.

Ironically they are now both in the same situation playing basketball on non contenders. Funny how life works sometimes.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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