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Pistons Deja Vu Gate: Is Cade Cunningham’s Ankle Injury a Chronic Situation Like Grant Hill’s Ankle All Over Again?

Detroit Pistons had an exciting preseason run, but fans might have noticed that one major piece was missing. The number 1 draft pick Cade Cunningham missed all of Pistons’ preseason games. The scariest aspect of the situation is the Deja Vu factor of ailment that kept him off the court.

Is Cade Cunningham’s Ankle Injury another Grant Hill Situation in the Making for Detroit Pistons?

Cade Cunningham is dealing with what’s being called a “swollen ankle”. On October 5 Dwane Casey listed him as “doubtful” for Pistons preseason opener against Spurs. He would also miss their games against Grizzlies and Sixers before it was announced there was no timetable for his return. It seemed the situation with his ankle was a bit more serious than Detroit was letting on.

The scary thing about Cade Cunningham’s ankle injury is that it appears to be a non-contact overuse type of injury. Based on what is publicly known, it appears his ankle is just swollen from the rigors of basketball movements at the highest level. That brings back sad memories of how the Grant Hill ankle situation started for Pistons in the 90s.

How Cade Cunningham’s Ankle Injury Started vs How Grant Hill’s Ankle Injury Started

Like Cade Cunningham, Grant Hill first experienced ankle swelling and pain after games. A misdiagnosis on the source of the pain led to his ankle fracturing, then eventually completely breaking. His recovery from that was derailed again when he caught a staph infection after surgery.

He would persevere through the trials and tribulations, eventually returning to the court for the Orlando Magic, and even made an all-star game. His doctors made him a special shoe that was purposely lopsided to offset the unique shape of his surgically repaired ankle.

It’s really way too early to tell if Cade Cunningham’s ankle injury is a long term issue, but it would be really bad case of Deja Vu if that happens. There’s an unsettling feeling about the way Pistons are being very vague about the situation.

For example according to report from Omari Sankof of Detroit Free Press, Pistons coach Dwane Casey made this statement about Cade Cunningham’s ankle injury situation,

“We’re not going to rush Cade back,” Casey said. “When he comes back, it doesn’t mean we’re going to throw him out there and see what happens. He’s too valuable for us.”

The statement seems to convey that Pistons feel they might be dealing with a potentially serious issue, so they are treading lightly. Hopefully Cade Cunningham makes a full recovery, and balls out this year.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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