Khaby Lame and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Squid Games Glass Bridge Game Video Shows a Huge Mistake Contestants Made in Episode 7. Khaby Lame's technique for crossing Squid Games glass bridge game in Zlatan Ibrahimovic's video.

Since the Squid Game show came to Netflix it has been a viral sensation that has given birth to many memes, and social media videos. One of the most interesting is the recent Khaby Lame and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Squid Games Glass Bridge Game video that was posted on the Superstar soccer player’s twitter account. The video makes references to a simple technique that no one on the show thought of, that could have easily saved their life in that round.

How the Khaby Lame and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Squid Games Glass Bridge Game Video Shows a Huge Mistake Contestants Made in Episode 7

The Squid Games Glass Bridge game took place in Episode 7 when people were first introduced the the VIPs that bet on the games behind the scenes. In the Glass Bridge game each square on the bridge was made of tempered glass that would break when stepped on, or regular glass that could support two people.

To the human eye there was no way to tell the different types of glass apart, so naturally many of the contestants fell through the bridge when trying to cross. When a contestant who was a former construction worker figured out that light shines through tempered glass differently, the Squid Games master turned down the lights when the VIPs became disgruntled.

However, there was still another way they could have easily crossed the bridge in hindsight.

In the Zlatan Ibrahimovic Squid Games Glass Bridge game video, Khaby Lame revealed a technique that all the contestants could have used to safely cross the bridge. In the footage Khaby Lame puts his feet on the two metal support beams that were in the center of the bridge. Another idea could have been stretching your body across the space in the middle like a washboard, then rolling all the way to the other side.

By using Khady Lame’s technique you would never actually step on any of the glass panels, which effectively eliminates the chances of falling through by breaking one. In Episode 7 they never mentioned any rule that prohibited using that technique, yet still none of the characters thought of doing it.

Some people think the creator of the Squid Games avoided putting that type of technique in the show, because it wouldn’t have been interesting. Other people think it would have been interesting to see how the Squid Games master and VIPs would have reacted to them figuring out a way to cross the bridge easily.

To the defense of the Squid Games contestants it’s not easy to think clearly when your life is literally on the line, and they were also beyond stressed in addition to being mentally broken by Episode 7.

We’re going to go watch episode 7 again wondering to ourselves how we didn’t think of using Khaby Lame’s technique for crossing the Squid Games glass bridge.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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