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Female Undisputed Host Jenny Taft Fights Skip Bayless Verbally After He Body Shamed Mike McCarthy Being Fat

It’s not often you see the female moderators of sports talk shows getting in heated discussions with the main anchors, but today one of those rare incidents happened. Female Undisputed Host Jenny Taft fighting Skip Bayless verbally is going viral.

The incident began when Skip Bayless was body shaming Mike McCarthy being fat. He implied that an NFL player would want to play for a overweight coach. This rubbed Jenny Taft the wrong way, and she called out Skip Bayless for it. This led to a verbal altercation where Skip Bayless told Jenny Taft her opinion is not needed. In response she said that it’s her right to say how she feels on the show too. Shannon Sharpe was just watching in disbelief they were arguing live on TV.

The biggest thing Jenny Taft fighting Skip Bayless in a verbal spar shows is that there could building turmoil behind the scenes. This incident seemed like a boiling point of something that has been going on for a long time. It was especially evident when Skip Bayless was saying “no, no” when Jenny Taft talked about voicing her opinion when they’re on air.

Trouble in paradise, or was Jenny Taft angry at Skip Bayless calling Mike McCarthy fat an isolated incident? If she’s off the show in the next few months remember when this happened.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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