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Did Jermell Charlo Threaten to Kill Deontay Wilder?

Did Jermell Charlo snitch on himself? Sometimes saying less is saying more, but not in the case of one half of boxing’s most famous twins. When Jermell Charlo was asked about the comments Deontay Wilder made in response to him saying that race had nothing to do with him losing to Tyson Fury, his answer went beyond boxing. It seems Jermell Charlo threatened to kill Deontay Wilder very casually like there weren’t cameras rolling.

In his own words Jermell Charlo said he could “smoke” Deontay Wilder. He even added that he has people ready to do life in prison for him free of charge. He wasn’t being shy about letting the world know about possible illegal activities.

Skip to the 2:25 mark of the video.

The interview became awkward after his brazen comments, because right after Jermell Charlo said he could kill Deontay Wilder, he began talking about how he supports black boxers. A complete 180 from the “I’ll smoke his b**** a**” comments Jermell Charlo said about a fellow black boxer right before.

Hopefully Jermell Charlo’s mind really isn’t having thoughts of murdering Deontay Wilder. Sometimes people say things they don’t really mean.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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