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Chris Paul Hugs Lil Wayne Hat Off To Pay Homage to New Orleans While Celebrating Making The NBA Finals

It’s in the history books now, Chris Paul has made the finals, and there isn’t anyone more happy to see that than people from New Orleans where his career started. That love was expressed when Chris Paul hugged Lil Wayne to pay homage to New Orleans, while celebrating the first Finals appearance of his NBA career.

There is so much emotion in this moment when you think about what CP3 has been through with freak injuries derailing his playoff runs throughout his career. With this being such a special moment Chris Paul told Lil Wayne to join him with his Suns teammates, then lifted up the security rope for him to enter the winners circle.

Lil Wayne’s hat fell off from the force of Chris Paul’s hug. He was so excited he didn’t even realize it wasn’t on his head anymore.

The way Chris Paul made this moment possible was nothing short of amazing. In the third quarter when Clippers cut the lead down to seven he went on his own scoring run that would last until the game was over. He was a man on a mission to reach his career long goal the NBA Finals.

Chris Paul finished the game with 41 points on only 24 shots, and added 8 assists with 0 turnovers. Beyond that he even played great defense, and was simply magnificent in every facet of the game.

Now the new mission has began for CP3 and the Suns. Can they win a championship against the Bucks or Hawks? Realistically speaking this might be the only chance he gets at being in the Finals, so he needs to make this count.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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