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Is Meek Mill Gay for Pay? Video Showing White Billionaire Man Almost Grabbing Meek Mill Groin Area Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Over the years there has been many rumors about what really goes on behind closed doors in the music industry, especially when it comes to hip-hop artists. There have been many connected people who allege that many of the top rappers were turned out by their music executives, and other rich people before they were able to succeed in the rap game. Now a recent video has people wondering if Meek Mill is one of those victims.

Is Meek Mill Gay for Pay? Viral Video Shows White Billionaire Man Almost Grabbing Meek Mill’s Groin Area While Dancing Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Meek Mill is one of the most well known rags to riches stories in the hip-hop world. You can even go on YouTube and find videos of him before the fame when he was really poor with dreams of being rich. Often times people in those situation are willing to do anything to escape the horrors of growing up without adequate money. Some people now believe this led to an extreme situation where Meek Mill is gay for pay.

This conspiracy theory came to fruition after a viral video showed a white billionaire man almost grabbing Meek Mill’s groin area while dancing near him. As his legs were slightly spread the white man reaches back as if he was trying to cup Meek Mill’s groin area in his hand. The craziest thing about the footage is Meek didn’t seem to mind, and didn’t even try to move back. It was almost like he was used to having the white billionaire touching his groin area.

Could this really mean that Meek Mill is gay for pay on the low? Take a look, and you be the judge.

Why was the white guy reaching back like that? He could definitely see Meek Mill’s groin area with his peripheral vision before making that grabbing movement.

Is Meek Mill Getting Sexually Assaulted by Music Executives Behind the Scenes?

In the past people like Russell Simmons’ nephew adamantly claimed that there are many hip-hop artists that forced to do gay things. There were also rappers who claimed they witnessed strange things going on at mansion parties in Hollywood that had no female guests.

In addition female rapper Woah Vickey also mentioned in an interview that she knows about rappers being forced into gay acts at those same Hollywood House parties.

Then there was also that strange Quavo car ride video from awhile back.

If Meek Mill is being sexually assaulted by rich men in the music industry behind the scenes as a price for his fame that would be too sad. This is one conspiracy theory we all hope isn’t true.