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Woah Vicky Exposes Music Executives Forcing Rappers to Gay Acts on Video at Hollywood House Parties

Remember all those stories rappers have been telling about Hollywood Mansion Parties? Another artist has now entered the chat, and this time it’s a female. In a viral interview Woah Vicky exposed music executives forcing rappers to do gay acts on video at Hollywood House Parties with some bold claims.

Her revelations all started after the interviewer asked her if money can buy happiness. She then started talking about how artists go on a downward spiral trying to find happiness through money and drugs, when that brings more sorrow. That’s when the conversation shifted towards Illuminati Devil worship, and how Hollywood Execs try to force that upon artists who have major influence on their fans.

Woah Vicky claims music executives will invite artists to Hollywood House parties, but tell them before entering the mansion they have to give up their phone and belongings. She claims the artists are then forced to do gay stuff while being recorded unknowingly. Those videos are used blackmail against the artist to keep them in check, and subservient.

Skip to around the 4 minute mark of the video.

Woah Vicky’s gay Hollywood House party claims match the same thing that Russell Simmons nephew said goes on in the rap industry. It also is similar to what Inspectah Deck alleged he has seen go on too. Lastly the insider who went viral a few months ago also had similar claims to her.

There’s definitely a trend there with the claims people are making about Hollywood House Parties. They can’t all be lying right? Did Woah Vicky just confirm the Illuminati is real?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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