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Russell Simmons Nephew Jamel Simmons Alleges Def Jam Makes Artists Do Gay Cult Rituals

In a bombshell revelation, Russell Simmons nephew alleged that he witnessed Gay Cult like rituals at Def Jam where artists were made to give up their holes and souls, in order to be made famous. The allegations come in a new interview with Murder Music Master Show.

Jamel Simmons was part of the group The Flatlinerz, where he went by musical name “Redrum”. Jamel Simmons says he refused to be a victim of the ritual, but witnessed other artists take part in the rituals. If the allegations are true it could explain why his career never really took off the way it should have considering his lineage.

While the allegations cannot be confirmed, Russell Simmons’ nephew was definitely signed to Def Jam, and would know about the dark secrets that went on there due to him being a close relative of Russell Simmons. Also, what reason would he have to lie?

This wouldn’t be the first time stories like this have come out about the Music and Hollywood industry. Throughout history there have been many artists who came forward with similar stories, but usually people brush it off as just conspiracies.

However, when many people who work in the same industry share the same experiences, doesn’t it start moving closer to fact than fiction?

What is really going on behind closed doors in the hip-hop industry?

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