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Did Scientists Secretly Create a Humanzee Then Erase it From History?

Gordon Gallup, a professor at the University of Albany, New York, claims that he has evidence of a humanzee experiment that took place in Florida in the 1920s. He says that a group of scientists at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Orange Park, Florida, artificially inseminated a female chimpanzee with human semen and successfully produced a hybrid offspring.

How Did Gallup Find Out About an Alleged Humanzee Experiment?

Gallup says that he learned about this experiment from a former colleague who worked at the center and witnessed the birth of the humanzee. According to Gallup, the hybrid infant had a mixture of human and chimpanzee features, such as a larger head, more hair, and a flatter face. However, the scientists were so shocked and ashamed by what they had done that they allegedly killed the humanzee shortly after it was born and destroyed all the evidence.

Gallup says that he has not been able to verify this story independently, but he believes it is credible because of his own research on cross-species mating. He says that humans and chimpanzees are genetically very similar and can produce viable offspring under certain conditions. He also says that there have been other attempts to create humanzees in different countries, such as China and the Soviet Union, but none of them were successful.

Was Oliver the Chimpanzee Really a Humanzee?

The most famous alleged humanzee was Oliver, a chimpanzee that was born in Africa in the 1950s and brought to the United States in the 1970s. Oliver became a sensation because of his unusual appearance and behavior. He had a bald head, small ears, and a protruding nose. He also walked upright on two legs, unlike most chimpanzees.

Many people speculated that Oliver was a humanzee, either a natural or an artificial one. Some even claimed that he could speak or understand human language. Oliver was subjected to various tests and studies by scientists and media outlets, who wanted to find out his true identity.

However, in 1996, a DNA test confirmed that Oliver was not a humanzee, but a normal chimpanzee with 48 chromosomes. He also had a rare genetic disorder that caused his unusual appearance and behavior. Oliver died in 2012 at the age of 55 in a sanctuary in Texas.

Did Scientists Secretly Create a Humanzee by Impregnating a Chimpanzee with Human Fluids?
Oliver Was Confirmed Not To Be a Humanzee After Chromosome Testing in 1996: Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The humanzee is one of the most controversial and intriguing topics in science and popular culture. While there is no conclusive evidence that such a hybrid exists or ever existed, there are many rumors and stories that suggest otherwise. Whether these are based on facts or fiction, they reflect our fascination and fear of crossing the boundaries between humans and animals.

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