Is the Cracker Barrel logo racist? The alleged hidden racist meaning behind the Cracker Barrel logo is going viral on social media. People believe there is a whip in the Cracker Barrel logo, which pays homage to racist connotations behind the real meaning of “Cracker Barrel”. This is fueling the Racist Cracker Barrel Logo Conspiracy Theory.

When you look closely at the logo notice that inexplicably long line that comes from the letter “K” and “R”? That is possibly a whip that is wrapping around the Cracker Barrel logo. What does it all mean? Take a look.

The word “Cracker” used to be a slang term for “whip” during the days of slavery. This is the real reason that black people started calling white people “crackers”, due to the cracking sound a whip makes. A Cracker Barrel is a barrel that was used hold whips before they were sold.

Now is it coincidence that a restaurant named “Cracker Barrel” has something that looks like a whip in the logo? Or is it paying homage to something very racist?

Those questions and the evidence at hand are fueling the Racist Cracker Barrel Logo Conspiracy Theory.

Author: JordanThrilla

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