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Mark Breland Exposes Deontay Wilder Became His Own Worst Enemy Before Loss to Tyson Fury


Back in February of 2020 Deontay Wilder fired his trainer of many years Mark Breland for throwing in the towel making him lose for the first time in his boxing career vs Tyson Fury, even though he is seen as the man who saved his life that day. Now Mark Breland exposed Deontay Wilder became his own worst enemy before that loss to Tyson Fury.

Given that most people criticize Deontay Wilder’s lack of boxing skills, you won’t believe what Mark Breland says transpired in the months building up to that historical day.

According to BT Sports Mark Breland claims Deontay Wilder became “untrainable”, because he began thinking he knew more than him about boxing. He said Deontay Wilder refused to learn how to jab correctly, because he was knocking all his opponents out. Mark Breland said the age old saying happened between him and Wilder, “a coach can only teach someone willing to learn”.

It’s get even deeper though. Mark Breland went on to say Deontay Wilder had no cut man in his corner, because he felt it wasn’t necessary. His mindset of invincibility kept him from seeing the importance having a cut man there when you take serious damage during a long boxing match. Mark Breland went on to say since there was no doctor in Wilder’s corner he had to make the assumption that the blood coming from his ear, and the fact he could barely stand on his own legs was due to a possible brain injury.

Many fans feel Mark Breland saved Deontay Wilder’s life. The fight was stopped in the 7th round as Wilder kept getting pummeled, and could barely stand without holding the ropes. There was blood pouring from his ear, which no one knew the source of for sure during the match. There was fear it could be a brain injury of some sort as Mark Breland stated.

Deontay Wilder is a true warrior, and his passion to win is unmatched. However, it seems his own ego make have destroyed his career. Mark Breland exposing Deontay Wilder became untrainable proves the old saying true that there is no worse enemy than becoming your own enemy.

Author: JordanThrilla