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Does Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Possibly Admitting Doing Drugs on Live TV Show That ESPN is Changing?

Image Credit: YouTube/ESPN

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, the sports radio personality and host of Mad Dog Unleashed on SiriusXM and High Heat on MLB Network, has become a trending topic on social media after he appeared to admit that he does drugs on live TV.

Does Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Admitting Doing Drugs on Live TV Show ESPN is Changing for the Better or Worse?

Russo was a guest on ESPN’s First Take on Monday, where he discussed various topics with Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim, and Marcus Spears, also known as Swagu. During a segment about the upcoming college football game between Oregon and Colorado, Russo revealed his wild weekend plans that involved possible weed gummies, alcohol, and $10,000 bets with a former priest turned gambler.

Russo said that since his mistress would not be home, he was going to fix himself a cocktail around 12 pm, then watch some games. He then added that he would cut a gummy in half and take it, then take the other half later when he was feeling “sauced”. He did not specify what kind of gummy it was, but in the context it seemed like he was openly talking about eating marijuana gummies, which are legal in some states but not in others.

Russo also said that he would call his bookie who used to a priest, and place a $10,000 bet on Colorado to beat Oregon, despite the fact that the Buffaloes are 21-point underdogs.

Russo’s comments left Swagu speechless and stunned. He could only shake his head and say “where am I” as Russo continued to ramble. Smith and Qerim also looked shocked and amused by Russo’s antics. Qerim tried to steer the conversation back to sports, but Russo kept interrupting her with more details about his weekend.

Russo’s appearance on First Take has gone viral on social media, where many people are saying that he is the funniest personality on ESPN. Some are praising him for being honest and entertaining, while others are questioning his sanity and professionalism. Some are also wondering if he was joking or serious about his plans.

Many people said they wouldn’t mind spending a weekend hanging out with him. In addition some people pointed out that ESPN has become much less uptight these days, and is letting their on air personalities be more genuine with their commentary. For example Stephen A. Smith regularly curses while going on his rants these days. Essentially it seems First Take is taking a page out Inside the NBA’s book, which is making them even more popular than ever before.

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