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Marshawn Lynch’s Front Tire Goes Viral After Bodycam Video Shows Police Dragging Sleepy Marshawn Lynch from His Car During DUI Arrest

Marshawn Lynch had a crazy day in Vegas that ended with him being caught up with the law. Reports stated that Marshawn Lynch was arrested for Driving Under the Influence, and his mugshot pictures seemed to show he was very intoxicated. Marshawn Lynch’s arrest video went viral on social media not only because of how the police treated him, but also something chaotic about his car.

Marshawn Lynch’s Front Wheel Tire Goes Viral After Bodycam Footage Shows Police Dragging Marshawn Lynch from His Car and Marshawn Lynch Sleeping During DUI Arrest

Viral body camera footage shows the strange interaction Las Vegas police had with Marshawn Lynch when they stopped him in his Shelby GT500. In the full video Marshawn Lynch was sleeping and waking as police questioned him. Things got a bit testy when Marshawn Lynch didn’t respond to their request for him to step out his car. Ultimately the police dragged Marshawn Lynch out his car, and handcuffed him on the ground. It was scary seeing them put a knee to his back, because of past situations where that ended deadly.

With all that going on what stood out most was the state of the car he was in. If you look closely Marshawn Lynch’s front tire was completely blown out, or missing. You could see his car’s front wheel was touching the pavement. All the while he was sleeping peacefully inside the car until police began questioning him. It’s safe say he probably put his Shelby GT500 through one hell of a ride in the hours prior to his arrest. Marshawn Lynch’s mugshot showed his eyes were very low, and disoriented. Take a look at how it went down.

What in the world happened to Marshawn Lynch’s front wheel tire?

In the footage the officers claimed Marshawn Lynch was getting charged with obstructing an investigation for refusing to exit his car, and they also hit him with a DUI charge. However, according to multiple reports Lynch’s lawyers claim the car was legally parked and he wasn’t driving saw the DUI charge isn’t valid based on Nevada laws. They may have a point, because it’s hard to imagine he was driving with his front tire missing. Then again a possibly drunk person would do something like that if they were intoxicated enough.

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