In November 2020 Dalvin Cook signed a 5 year $63 Million deal, so most would assume that his immediate family is living the lavish life with no need to do illegal things. However, based on recent reports it seems Dalvin Cook’s brother didn’t have enough money to buy drugs, and instead decided to steal some, which led to a deadly string of events.

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Dalvin Cook’s 18 Year Old Brother Demarcus Cook Mugshot Goes Viral After Murder Charge in Drug Deal Gone Bad in Miami Florida Neighborhood

According to reports Florida police arrested Dalvin Cook’s 18 year old brother Demarcus Cook on first degree murder charges. Police allege that on Tuesday Demarcus Cook went to Little Havana to meet a 17 year old named Isaiah Hernandez to buy marijuana. However, police believe that Demarcus Cook planned to rob the teen instead of paying for the drugs. His alleged plan would ultimately lead to deadly string events that will put him behind bars for a long time.

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According to police reports upon arriving at the meeting point Demarcus Cook attempted stealing the weed, which led to a shootout. Demarcus Cook shot Isaiah Hernandez as he was sitting inside his jeep, but he was also shot in the process. Isaiah Hernandez died from his injuries, and Demarcus Cook is expected to make a full recovery. On Wednesday police searched Demarcus Cook’s home, and recovered the murder weapon.

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Demarcus Cook’s mugshot has since gone viral on social media.

Dalvin Cook’s Brother Demarcus Cook Mugshot

According to police reports when Dalvin Cook’s brother shot the 17 year old dead they were actually near the victim’s house, so his Isaiah’s father heard his son screaming in pain before he passed away. Words can’t describe the emotional pain he’s probably feeling at this time.

On social media many people are confused why the brother of a millionaire NFL player would need to steal marijuana? Is Dalvin Cook not giving his brother any money?

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