Succession Planner Whistleblower Exposes Companies COVID-19 Vaccine Succession Planning Conspiracy

A Succession Planner whistleblower exposed a scary secret revealing companies COVID-19 vaccine Succession Planning. According to her claims a growing number of major corporations or businesses are planning replace employees who took the COVID vaccine in the next 3 years. She claims some executives were in tears as they added some of their favorite employees to succession planning list for taking the vaccine.

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What is Succession Planning?

A company needs a succession planner to help them prepare for the event where employees move on rather move up. This can be due to retirement, moving to another state, working for a different company, quitting, health issues, or anything else that can stop someone from working for their respective company. The succession planner whistleblower works in recruitment services for a large oil firm, or so she claims. She helps companies prepare in advance to replace those workers that have or will move on. In the video below she expresses that she was mortified to find out companies are planning to replace staff who took the COVID vaccine over the next 3 years.

Part 2.

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What makes this scary is the big mystery question that even the Succession Planner whistleblower couldn’t answer, why are companies so sure that people who took the COVID-19 vaccine won’t be working for them in 3 years? This has some people worried that the higher ups know there will be a potential serious or deadly side effect from the vaccine that will take longer to show up in people who currently feel fine. This is giving people those “I am Legend” movie vibes.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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