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Prisoner Who Created Shower in his Jail Cell Using a Bottle of Baby Powder, His Sink, and Toilet Goes Viral

It’s well known that the best way for a person to unlock their true creativity is to have too much time on their hands. When a person has more free time, they can get lost in their thoughts, which unlocks new levels of ingenuity.

Ironically, one of the best ways to have too much time on your hands is by going to prison. In a jail cell, you pretty much have nothing to do but get lost in your thoughts, especially if you have a cellmate. This is the reason why you often see people who never showed signs of creativity in the real world become the next coming of MacGyver (people who grew up in the 90s will get that reference).

I say all that to get to the topic at hand. A video is going viral that shows how a prisoner created a shower in his sink using only a bottle of baby powder and what looks like a long straw. The footage shows the prisoner tied the empty bottle of baby powder directly over his toilet, which catches the water. Then he removed his sink faucet and connected a long tube directly to the water line. The result was his own personal shower in his jail cell, complete with a toilet as the drain system.

In prison, people usually have to shower with multiple people, which can be embarrassing and cause anxiety for a person who isn’t comfortable being in front of other people with all their skin showing.

By creating a shower in his sink using a bottle of baby powder, not only does the prisoner avoid that, he also doesn’t have to worry about dropping the soap.

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