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Tesla Chair? This Man Created an Indestructible Plastic Chair Stronger than Elon’s Cybertruck

If someone told you that something made of plastic could be more indestructible than the Tesla Cybertruck, would you believe them? The toughness of the Tesla Cybertruck was one of the main selling points before it was released to the public, so how could plastic outperform it?

Remember when Elon Musk first unveiled his truck creation at the event, and showed how he could hit the window with a hard object and it wouldn’t break? In hilarious fashion, his stunt failed, and it did break the glass, but not to the point where it was completely shattered.

The “Tesla” Chair: An Indestructible Plastic Chair

The Tesla Cybertruck is tougher than the average car on the road, but it’s definitely destructible. What isn’t destructible is a plastic chair created by Daim Plastic, @Daimplastic on TikTok. His invention has been dubbed the “Tesla Chair” by social media.

On the surface, his invention looks like any ordinary plastic chair, but this one is completely different from any you have seen before. This plastic chair is tougher than a Tesla Cybertruck.

The "Tesla Chair" an Indestructible Plastic Chair Invention created by @Daimplastic
The “Tesla Chair” an Indestructible Plastic Chair Invention created by @Daimplastic

The Video Evidence

To prove that it is, Daim put his plastic chair through a series of brutal tests, some of the same ones Elon Musk did on his beloved Cybertruck.

First, he hit his chair with a giant sledgehammer as you can see in the photo above, and it was completely unscathed.

Next, he ran over his plastic chair with an 18-wheeler truck, and it was still completely intact. It didn’t even look like it had a scratch on it.

Next, he went to a warehouse and ran over his chair with a forklift, and it was still standing strong.

Lastly, he propped up an entire car by putting one of his Tesla Chairs under each tire. Surprisingly, those plastic chairs carried the entire weight of the car with no issues. Take a look at the video proof.

Based on the video evidence, this might be the only plastic chair in the world that is truly stronger than the Tesla Cybertruck.

At this point, it would be only right if Elon Musk responds to @Daimplastic, or hires him to work on the next model of his beloved truck.

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