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Woman Claiming Her COVID Vaccine Anniversary is More Important than Her Husband and Wedding Day Goes Viral

A tweet from a woman who claimed her COVID vaccine anniversary is more important than her wedding is going viral again, two years after it was first posted. The tweet, which has been widely mocked and criticized, shows how polarizing and ridiculous the COVID vaccine issue was to many people, especially since the vaccines were proven to not stop the transmission of the virus.

The tweet was posted on April 7, 2021 by a Twitter user named claudilla (@sweggs_benedict), who wrote: “no offense to my husband, but there’s NO WAY our wedding will be the best day of my life, my covid vaccine anniversary will always be more important”. The tweet received 17 retweets, 163 quote tweets and 35 likes as of April 9, 2023 exactly two years. The tweet was screenshot and shared by millions, so it went much more viral than the actual numbers imply.

Many of the quote tweets and replies expressed disbelief, outrage or sarcasm at claudilla’s statement. Some questioned whether it was a parody account or a satire. Others suggested that she needed professional help or a TV break. Some joked that she should also celebrate her mask anniversary or her booster shot anniversary as well.

Woman Saying Her COVID Vaccine Anniversary is More Important than Her Husband and Wedding Day Goes Viral

The tweet resurfaced in 2023 when some Twitter users stumbled upon it and shared it with their followers. Many people who saw it for the first time thought it was fake or a hoax, but it turned out to be a real tweet from a real person. Some wondered what claudilla’s husband thought of her tweet, or if they were still married. Others pointed out how ironic and foolish her tweet was in light of the fact that COVID vaccines did not prevent infection or transmission of the virus.

Hindsight is 20/20 though, and the vaccine does allegedly lessen the already low risk of becoming gravely ill from COVID. Who knows maybe she had a preexisting health condition, which would make vaccine more important. Either way her tweet still seemed strange all things considered, which is why people are still talking about it in 2023.

Woman Claiming Her COVID Vaccine Anniversary is More Important than Her Husband and Wedding Day Goes Viral

The tweet references the tragic incident from 1978 where the People’s Temple Leader Jim Jones convinced his followers to drink punch that was laced with poison in the South American nation of Guyana. It ended up being a horrific mass murder-suicide. It seems the tweet is trying to compare the government convincing people that taking a COVID vaccine based on new technology with many potential side effects was completely safe. Some people argue the comparison is unfair, because incidents of serious side effects and deaths related the vaccine seemed rare in comparison to people who claimed they didn’t suffer any health issues after receiving a shot.

Several studies showed that COVID vaccines allegedly had little or no effect on reducing the spread of the virus among vaccinated people. The vaccines allegedly only reduced the severity of symptoms, and the risk of hospitalization and death for those who contracted the virus. Some reports also stated that new variants of the virus had emerged that were resistant to the existing vaccines, making them even less effective.

The tweet could be an example of how some people were overly enthusiastic and optimistic about the COVID vaccines in 2021. It also shows how some people prioritized their personal health over their relationships and social bonds. The tweet reflects a divisive and controversial time in history when people had different opinions and attitudes towards the COVID pandemic and its solutions.

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