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Woman Shows Injuries Sustained From Man Hitting Her With a Brick

Black Woman Claims Man Hit Her with Brick After She Refused to Give Him Her Number and No One Helped in Sad Videos

A black woman has gone viral on social media after she posted a video of herself claiming that a man hit her in the face with a brick after she refused to give him her number. The woman, whose name is not known, posted footage from the scene of the incident, and in her hospital room. According to reports the assault happened at an unknown location in Houston, Texas.

The Tragic Story of How a Man Hit the Black Woman with a Brick Because She Didn’t Give Him Her Number

In the video, which has been viewed millions of times, the woman shows the right side of her face, which is very swollen and bruised. She tearfully explained how a man approached her and asked for her number. When she declined, he became angry and hit her with a brick that he had in his hand, allegedly.

That woman was not only hurt by the man who hit her, but also by the people around her. She was surrounded by other men who allegedly witnessed the attack, but none of them intervened or helped her based on her story.

She says that the man who hit her got into a car and drove away. Now she is afraid that he will never be caught, or face justice for what he did to her.

The footage she posted from her hospital room was absolutely heartbreaking. She ranted about how she has never hurt anyone in her life, and never did anything mean, which left her confused as to why something so bad happened to her.

It’s not clear what type of injuries she sustained, but when the side of your face is that swollen there is usually some broken bones. Take for example how the side of Joel Embiid’s face looked after he was accidentally elbowed by Pascal Siakam during the NBA playoffs two years ago.

The video has sparked outrage and sympathy from many people online, who have expressed their support and solidarity with the woman. Many have condemned the violence and misogyny that black women face on a daily basis, and have called for the authorities to find and arrest the attacker.

The Houston Police Department has not confirmed or denied whether they are aware of or investigating the case. They have not released any statement or information regarding the video or the woman’s allegations.

Hopefully she makes a full recovery from the injuries she sustained. What type of man hits a woman with a brick just because she refused to give out her number? Only a man with a super fragile ego would do something that heinous.

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