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Angry Doctor Curses Out Anti-Vaxxer Truck Driver For Questioning COVID-19 Vaccine in Viral Video

The COVID-19 vaccine continues to be a controversial topic that has waged a social media war between anti-vaxxers and vaccine fanatics, and one doctor is fed up. In a viral the video the angry doctor cursed out an anti-vaxxer truck driver who he claims was arguing with him about the COVID vaccine during a doctors appointment.

In the video the Doctor explains it wasn’t the COVID-19 conspiracy theories that set him off, but it was the truck driver saying that his opinion was as valid as a doctor. He believes that is the main problem with anti-vaxxers.

Although the doctor made some valid points, there is one thing he seems to be overlooking. There are scientists and doctors who are just as skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine as anti-vaxxers.

As example a while back Dr. Fauci revealed that 50% of FDA and CDC employees refused to take COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Those two groups of people were the first to be offered the same vaccines made available to the public, and half of them refused to take it. Would you call FDA and CDC employees who have scientific backgrounds anti-vaxxers too?

Take a listen to the video below.

How Many People Have Died After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine?

With the revelation that 40% to 50% of CDC and FDA employees are refusing to take COVID-19 vaccine, it brings up the question of how many deaths have occurred in relation to these shots.

Official VAERS reports from months ago state that 970 people have died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine shot, a number that has risen since then. Just recently a 16 year old boy went into cardiac arrest after taking a COVID vaccine shot.

At the time when the VAERS report was first released, 495 of deaths occurred after people took a Moderna vaccine, and 475 occurred after taking Pfizer shot.

The real problem here is that doctors such as the one in the video above think anti-vaxxers are the only people against the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, there are many people with scientific backgrounds that also won’t take it either.

At the end of the day it’s easy to see why some people are fearful of the vaccine, and why some people are proponents of it. However, it seems to set a bad precedent when you have an angry doctor cursing out anti-vaxxers in a demeaning manner. That just adds more fuel to the conspiracy fire.

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