Video of Cheating Man Distracting His Girlfriend While Other Woman Sneaks Out His Car In Plain Sight Goes Viral. Cheating man outsmarts his girlfriend

What would you do if your girlfriend was about to catch you cheating with another woman in your car? That scary question may have been answered by a video of a cheating man outsmarting his girlfriend in a way you probably won’t believe until you see it. In the footage the cheating man distracts his girlfriend while the other woman sneaks out his car in plain sight right after he smashed her.

It all started when his angry girlfriend pulled up on her cheating boyfriend’s SUV shaking while he was smashing another woman on the inside. She starts banging on the window, and he gets out the car to confront her. The cheating man distracts his girlfriend while the other woman snuck out the other side of the car, then pretended she was walking down the street. When his girlfriend checked the car there was no one inside, and she was left confused and embarrassed that she thought he was cheating. Little did she know she really was.

Part 2.

What made the video hilarious was the fact that the woman he cheated with casually walks right by him still arguing with his girlfriend. She was probably laughing on the inside at how easily they were able to outsmart her, and avoid a messy situation. This man is an internet legend now, and the true definition of a smooth criminal. However, cheating on your significant other is never a cool thing to do.

The big question now is what happens when his girlfriend sees this video is viral on the internet?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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